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Lauren L. Murphy

Lauren is a certified yoga teacher and freelance copy editor. In 2020, she began practicing yoga regularly with Clara Roberts Oss. Yoga provided a way to stay grounded in the midst of the pandemic, but Lauren also found that yoga helped manage her anxiety and was a conversation partner for her grievings. In 2022, she completed her 200-hour teacher training through Devanadi School of Yoga and Wellness. 



Lauren enjoys reading, writing, baking, gardening, quilting, watching British mysteries with her husband Patrick, dreaming of their next trip to Ireland, snuggling with her cat Scout, and laughing at her dogs Cully and



Writers: Toni Morrison, Maurice Sendak, Louise Erdrich, Niall Williams, George Eliot, so many more

Musicians: Indigo Girls, We Banjo 3, Liz Knowles, Bruce Springsteen, Sinead O'Connor, Fullset, Talisk

Flowers: peonies, iris, spiderwort, zinnias, impatiens

Things to bake: bread, galette, meringue, Irish cream chocolate chip cookies

Yoga poses: lizard, supported fish, cobra, savasana, warrior 2

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