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Heart Forward Yoga offers pay-from-the-heart pricing.

I believe that yoga should be accessible to everyone, and I want it to be affordable to those who attend my classes.

But I also believe that my expertise, experience, and education are valuable.

Depending on your situation, I'm requesting that you pay $20, $12, or $5 per class.

I am no longer offering prepaid discounts or your first class free.

If you attend classes in person, you can pay in cash, with a check, or to @heartforwardyoga through Venmo.

If you attend online, please pay @heartforwardyoga through Venmo.

I will never ask you about the price you choose.

The Options


This is the sustainable price. It is comparable to what you would pay for other drop-in classes in the area. By paying this price, you are sustaining my work and providing flexibility for me to offer this pay-from-the-heart structure.


This is the minimum requested payment. In order for this pricing structure to work, it has to function for students but also for me. This is the lowest amount I feel comfortable with so I can continue this work.


Hard times happen. Adding financial stress on top of grieving and anxiety is not my intention. If my classes help you, and you simply can't afford the other two options, I invite you to pay $5/class.

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