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Thin Space No. 13: Loneliness and Connection

The Question

How does loneliness present itself to you?


The Intention

Notice the webs


The Meditative Moment

Remember those threads we connected from our hearts to others on Friday? Return to that idea. Consider your connections: to family, to friends, to coworkers or clients, to incidental acquaintances, to online communities, to random folks you pass on the street. Grief and anxiety, depression and illness, transition and general life chaos—all of this can cause us to feel isolated, unmoored, alone. While imagining these invisible webs of connection doesn’t take away those feelings, it can remind us that we are not alone. Tug on one of those threads by calling a friend, hanging out at the coffee shop for a bit and smiling at strangers, grabbing an after-work drink with a coworker, talking to your partner without a phone or tablet between you. When loneliness creeps in, remember the webs you’ve weaved throughout your life. Marvel at them.

Burren, Ireland

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