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Thin Space No. 17: Jumping in Puddles

The Question

How do you engage, nurture, and practice your interests?


The Intention



The Meditative Moment

Minnesota has been in drought most of the summer. My town has gotten very little rain: every time it looks like we’ll get a deluge, it dissipates or divides right before hitting us. A few weeks ago, we finally got a little downpour. The day had been hot, so it was one of those quick storms that bubbles up, pours briefly, then moves on. I stood on the porch soaking in the scent of the rain. Some kids across the street were bounding out of their house and dancing in the rain. They jumped in puddles, squealed, laughed, and marveled. It reminded me of the time, almost twenty years ago, that I taught my cousin, not even a year old, to jump in puddles. Find a puddle—real or metaphorical—and splash about in it today.

Burren, Ireland

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