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Thin Space No. 41: Listen with Curiosity

The Question

What do you hear when you hear?


The Intention



The Meditative Moment

My husband is a musician. We hear music differently. I hear the lyrics and general melody. He hears the instruments and how they work together; he sometimes doesn’t know the words at all. On occasion, I try to listen the way he does: to distinguish the layers of sound, to pick the instruments apart. It reminds me that we can hear the same thing completely differently. As you go about your day today, find something you can hear differently: a coworkers tone of voice that often comes across as judgmental might be insecure; the thrum of traffic that often annoys signals people doing the best they can to get where they’re going; the same tedious story told once again by your acquaintance that is a cry for connection. Or maybe just try listening to a song you love with different ears. See what happens.

Waves crashing

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