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Thin Space No. 58: Nurture Creativity

The Question

How are your nurturing your creativity?


The Intention



The Meditative Moment

Recently I was discussing creativity with a group of women. One asked, “When have you been most creative?” Each one of us answered that a point of crisis gave us the most room to create. It doesn’t always work like that. After my uncle Shaun’s suicide, it took me a long time to return to writing. But that was the time when I picked up needle, thread, and fabric to start quilting. Instead of taking comfort in words, I needed to sew pieces of fabric together. I didn’t think of this as creativity; I thought of it as survival. Perhaps they really are one and the same. When we are in crisis—and grieving and anxiety can push us there—creativity can seem a luxury. We don’t think we have the brainpower, let alone physical strength, to be creative. Maybe that’s the time to fill our cup. To borrow a suggestion from Julia Cameron, find some time to take yourself on a creative date. Visit a museum. Go to the coffee shop to write. Watch a documentary about an artist. Listen to your favorite album with headphones while sitting on a park bench. Watch this short video of Maurice Sendak. Go to the bookstore and pick up a book in a section you very rarely check out. Prowl around the yarn or fabric store. Notice what sparks.

Waves crashing

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