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Thin Space No. 15: Listen to This Body

The Question

What is your body asking for today?


The Intention



The Meditative Moment

Take notice of what your body craves today. So often we push away what our bodies desire because we harbor judgment against it. We feel hungry, but we don’t eat because “we don’t need to” or “we don’t want to get fat” or “that thing I want to eat is bad.” We want to get up and move, but we feel like we have to finish the project we’re working on first. We want to rest, but we think that means we’re lazy. We want a hug, but we don’t ask for it because we don’t want to seem needy. But our bodies aren’t stupid. In fact, they’re pretty smart. So instead of judging what it craves, try listening, giving, honoring, and trusting.

Burren, Ireland

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