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Thin Space No. 19: I Love You

The Question

Observe your self-talk. Is it harsh, demanding, kind, playful? If you notice yourself slipping into judgment, can you take a moment to breathe and think of three things you love about yourself? List them. On paper.


The Intention



The Meditative Moment

As you are getting ready for your day this morning take a moment to look at yourself in the mirror. Really look. Not a passing glance. And not a critical one either. Your eyes that take in the world around you. Your nose that breathes. Your mouth that speaks and tastes. Your ears that listen. The wrinkles that show you have the privilege of aging. The chin hairs—I have no idea what’s redeeming about them, but try not to judge even these little buggers. Now look at your eyes in the mirror and say, “I love you.” Three times. Out loud or silently. Maybe it feels silly or pointless or weird. Maybe it feels empowering or delightful or rebellious. Maybe it doesn’t really feel like anything. We tell others that we love them: spouses, children, siblings, parents, pets, friends. But how often do we say it to ourselves in a moment of privacy and quiet? And, here’s the kicker: how often do we mean it? I love you. Simple words. Powerful words.

Burren, Ireland

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