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Thin Space No. 9: Potential of Release

The Question

Is the idea of release (of emotions, of tension, of old/unhelpful patterns) freeing or scary to you? Explore why.


The Intention



The Meditative Moment

Sometimes when we’re not ready to let go of something, it’s because we’re not quite done with it. Maybe we still have a lesson to learn. Maybe the pain is too raw or fresh or pulsating. Maybe we are afraid of who we are without this thing. Rather than putting pressure on yourself to let go, consider being grateful for what you’re holding on to. Express gratitude for the ways this pattern that needs to change has served you in the past. Say thank you to the tension that tightens your shoulders because it reminds you to slow down, breathe deeper, try to soften. Appreciate the ruptured friendships because, at one time, they meant something dear to you and that should still be held gently. With gratitude, breathe into the potential of releasing what no longer serves, what holds you back, what feels toxic or unhealthy.

Burren, Ireland

Originally sent August 9, 2023, to paid Substack subscribers. If you want to receive current Thin Space reflections, you can start a paid subscription here: You can choose to pay $75/year or $8/month.

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