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Thin Space No. 14: Expand

The Question

What’s one way you can take up space today?


The Intention



The Meditative Moment

Look at this photo of Megan Rapinoe after she scored a goal in the 2019 World Cup. Notice the space she’s taking: arms extended, spine tall, head up, gaze outward. She is here. Now you do it: stand with your feet hip-distance apart and root down; keep a slight bend in your knees; breathe into your spine as you lengthen it; extend your arms outward; gaze strongly out; maybe even think of something you’ve done that you’re proud of. Anxiety tricks us into making ourselves and our worlds small, safe, controlled. But we deserve to take up space, so when you feel small, afraid, diminished, take a few breaths in the Rapinoe pose. You are here.

Burren, Ireland

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