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Thin Space No. 25: Releasing the Struggle

The Question

Are there any thoughts or emotions you’re struggling with these days? Where might they be coming from?


The Intention



The Meditative Moment

Give yourself a five-minute lie-down today. On the couch, your bed, or the floor. Use whatever props you find helpful: a pillow under your head, another under your knees to support your low back; a blanket; socks; a fan. If it’s not too shabby outside, maybe rest in the yard or on the patio. Look at the sky, or imagine yourself gazing up at the clouds. As they go by, consider that they carry your troubling emotions away from you. Send what bothers you up toward those fluffy clouds, giving it a soft place to land, and allowing it to go. Truth to tell, these thoughts or feelings might fall right back down to earth, but perhaps you’ll find some that you are really ready to release.

Burren, Ireland

Originally sent August 25, 2023, to paid Substack subscribers. If you want to receive current Thin Space reflections, you can start a paid subscription here: You can choose to pay $75/year or $8/month.

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