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Thin Space No. 47: Hold Space

The Question

In what ways do you hold space for your anxieties and grievings?


The Intention



The Meditative Moment

Grief and anxiety can be overwhelming experiences: they seep into everything. After the deep grief or acute panic, though, when they start to recede a bit, it can help to hold special space for these experiences. Sometimes we want to close the door on what’s been challenging and never open it again. But creating small rituals to honor these difficulties can be healing; it honors where you’ve been. Light a candle for your loved one. Take three deep, intentional breaths every morning when you wake up. Buy a plant and give thanks for the love your grieving signifies when you water it. If anxiety has made doing household chores difficult, occasionally (or often) give yourself a hug (yep, wrap your arms around yourself) after you do them. Just because the immediate effects of grieving or anxiety are not always present, they have left a mark on you. This is not a thing to feel ashamed of. Hold space for what these experiences have done for you; honor the person you have become, are becoming, will become.

Waves crashing

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