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Thin Space No. 35: Flip the Script

The Question

What practices do you rely on when you feel stuck (in a rut, a situation, a toxic relationship, an emotion, or a mindset)?

The Intention

Flip the script

The Meditative Moment

Sometimes switching up simple movements can help switch up our brainwaves and nudge us out of whatever ruts we’re in. Thus far, in these meditative moments, I’ve suggested you move your hands to your heart on an inhale and expand them outward on an exhale. Today we’re going to flip that: inhale your arms out wide; exhale and bring the hands to your heart. Inhale arms out; exhale hands to heart. Repeat this five more times. Inhale open, exhale close. As you do this, consider a situation you need to see differently: a relationship, a work project, an experience. Is there a small switch you can make to flip the script and make it different for you?

Waves crashing

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