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Thin Space No. 49: Wiggle About

The Question

What are you holding that you can release?


The Intention



The Meditative Moment

Grieving and anxiety come with baggage. Shame, guilt, sadness, regret, anger, judgment, loneliness, fear. Maybe you have other baggage to add to the list. Maybe you have other experiences with baggage: depression, abuse survivor, other traumas. It can get overwhelming. Stand up and find a spot where you have some room to move a little. Then begin to shake your arms. Wiggle them about. Flop them around. Flap them like wings. Raise them above your head and really give them a good shake. Now bring them to stillness. Root down through your left leg and shake out the right leg. Kick the foot around. Circle that ankle. Swing the leg side to side, back and forward. Shake it. Repeat with the left leg. Come to stillness for a breath. Then shake it all out. Arms, legs, hips, head. Wiggle, jump, sway, shimmy, dance, hokey-pokey. Laugh, cry, frown, howl, be silent. Feel the heat build as you move. Then stop. Be still. Feel the energy coursing through and around you. What shifted?

Waves crashing

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