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Thin Space No. 5: Patience in Grieving and Anxiety

The Question

How does patience play into your processing of grief and/or anxiety?


The Intention

Slow down


The Meditative Moment

Find time today to balance on one foot. You could, for example, take tree pose: root down through your left foot, keeping a slight bend in the left knee; come onto the tip-toes of your right foot and pivot the right knee toward the right. Either prop your right heel against your right ankle, keeping the right toes on the earth, or lift your right foot to the inside of your left calf or thigh. (Avoid placing the right foot on the knee joint!) Keeping your hands on your hips will help you balance, but consider moving your hands to your heart or extending your arms above your head like branches. Repeat on the right side: right foot rooted, left leg bent. Notice if it’s easier to balance on one side or the other. It’s easy to get frustrated with ourselves when we “fall out” of a pose, but this is an invitation to reset, practice patience, and embrace the wobbles.

Burren, Ireland

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