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Thin Space No. 24: Refreshment from the Whirl

The Question

What role does anger or agitation play in your anxiety management or grieving?


The Intention

Sparkle it out


The Meditative Moment

Let’s move a bit. Go ahead and stand somewhere where you’re not going to hit anything (or anyone). Begin by shaking your right arm: yep, like the Hokey Pokey. Shake the wrist, elbow, flop the hand about. Bring that hand to stillness, and shake out the left arm. Feel the heat beginning to build. Now bring that arm to stillness and shake the right leg. (If you need to hold on to a chair for balance, go for it. Otherwise, hands on hips and a slight bend in the standing leg are really helpful to balance.) Flick that ankle back and forth, shake, shake, shake. Come to stillness and shake the left leg. Get those wiggles out! Now come back to stillness, both feet grounded, and shake the whole body. No one is watching you (assuming you aren’t, you know, in public). Shake, dance, wiggle, flop around, twerk, shimmy. And stop! Feel the heat that we’ve created. Maybe you’re smiling now or laughing. Maybe you think this is flipping weird. But maybe you’ve let go of some frustration, allowed your body to move in a way it doesn’t usually, and felt some refreshment from the whirl. Good!

Burren, Ireland

Originally sent August 24, 2023, to paid Substack subscribers. If you want to receive current Thin Space reflections, you can start a paid subscription here: You can choose to pay $75/year or $8/month.

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