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Thin Space No. 26: Complicated

The Question

Are there situations that you make more complicated than they need to be?


The Intention



The Meditative Moment

Yoga can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Even simple movements can create a shift in mood, outlook, breath, sensation. Try this: Find a place to stand or take a seat in a chair or on the floor. Slowly circle your arms out to the sides and up toward the sky. Slowly bring your hands together in prayer over your head, or they can remain shoulder-width apart. (Sometimes prayer hands overhead is intense for the shoulders, hence the modification.) Drop the prayer hands to your heart; if you chose to keep the hands apart, then bring one hand to the heart and the other one on top of it. Inhale, circle the arms out and up. Exhale, bring the hands down to your heart. Inhale, out and up. Exhale, down. Two more times. Leave the hands on the heart for a few breaths. Observe if anything has changed.

Burren, Ireland

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